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Biografie The Flexican

In a society where a career in music can be downloaded off the Internet, a person who knows where to buy a microphone is considered an artist and where someone who’s able to press play on tape claims to be a dj. In this world only a few stand out, amongst those chosen few is a young man from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. This is The Flexican’s society, welcome.

Growing up in Mexico City, Mexico, surrounded by all sorts of latin- and rock music, with an uncle who worked as an audio technician for various shows and concerts. Often enough the young Thomás could go with him to watch his uncle prepare that night’s rock gig. His uncle, aware of his nephew’s fascination with music, hooked him up with a drum kit and at the age of six and when most kids were into football or karate his uncle took him to see one of the best musical teachers in Mexico. This was where Thomás took his first lesson in drumming. Being influenced by the bands at his uncle’s work Thomás developed an undying love for bands like Pink Floyd, Guns ‘N Roses and U2.

It’s around 1992 when Thomás, alongside his mother and younger brother, moved from Mexico to The Netherlands. Settled in Amsterdam one of the first things Thomás noticed was the MTV-culture that had sprung off in the early 80’s and went on to flourish in the 90’s. Thomás was hooked instantly. Not being able to turn his favorite TV channel off. Through MTV Thomás was introduced to various waves of music that were popular in the urban environment of America and Europe. Among these different styles of music was hiphop. Being so different to what he was used to hearing and seeing in Mexico, hiphop stood out. Supported by his mother and uncle they gave him a compilation with acts like C&C Music Factory on it and Ice-T’s 5th album Home Invasion.

A few years later, entering high school, Thomás found new ways of answering the demand he had for hearing as much music as possible. As his record collection expanded his mother made him choose between his drum kit and the turntables with the mixer he desired. It didn’t take Thomás long to get rid of this dilemma which led to the makings of the perfect dj. As his old drum kit was no longer there to take up valuable space there all of a sudden was room for more & more records. Listening to acts like A Tribe Called Quest, Blackmoon, various Rawkus artists and more it’s safe to say that the mid 90’s was a good time to master your dj skills. It definitely was for Thomás, who learned the basics from a friend but later mastered his own style and soon took on the name The Flexican. Confident enough that he could rock a crowd he convinced the people of various party committees on local high schools that he was the one who they should hire as their dj. This way The Flexican made a name for himself among his friends and extended friends.

Together with his friends Andras Caron and Yousef Gnaoui they started the DasDatDing parties. A series of parties that started in Club More in Amsterdam. Although DasDatDing only lasted for three months on a weekly basis, it opened the door to the dj scene in Amsterdam for The Flexican. Around this time he worked for a restaurant where people asked him to spin at weddings and business parties alike. This is where he learned to experiment with different styles of music during his dj sets, as a dj with a hiphop state of mind he brought a special kind of flavor to these parties where the people weren’t necessarily familiar with hiphop or its way of mixing a track with the next track. After working a year for different restaurants he attended The School for Audio Engineering, which he graduated from two years later and where he mastered the style of music production and mixing.

Around that time he started making mixtapes. Looking back, one of his first mixtapes Summer Madness is considered a classic. Another one of his early mixtapes was Numero Uno, a hiphop mixtape whereas Summer Madness was more funk and house orientated. He handed these tapes out to various people. One of who was Real El Canario, an established dj in the eclectic music scene. Inquiring to what the mixtapes were about Real only wanted Summer Madness and disregarded the hiphop tape. Because of their Latin roots they connected on a social level but more importantly Real was more than impressed by what he heard on Summer Madness. Real pointed the tape out to different agents. His hard work finally paid off and led to getting signed to his first agency. Having a gig here and there his record collection continued to grow and meant he still spent a lot of time at different record stores in the city. Where he later was invited to join the crew of Dance Tracks and later Rhythm Import.

Through the various paths The Flexican walked to become the dj he is today he receives a unique amount of respect and credibility in the Dutch music scene as a whole. Bridging gaps between styles and time and again able to redefine the often-misplaced term ‘eclectic’ he became an entity in different worlds ranging from the gritty world of hiphop to the ever-evolving world of dance and everything that lies in between. From society’s underground to society’s mainstream; it’s all part of The Flexican Society.

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