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Biografie Dj Rockid

Incredibly versatile and armed with a lot of skills, that’s the way to describe dj Rockid nowadays. Since returning to the club-scene in 2002 Rockid has made name for himself in most clubs in Holland and even abroad.

Dj Rockid was born in Seoul, South Korea in 1980. He moved to Holland in that same year and that is where his intense love for music began at a young age. 1996 was the year where he started dj-ing. As 16-year old and learned all of the ins & outs of being a party dj. School parties where his first gigs but more serious bookings started to come fast and he played in clubs all over the western part of Holland.
In 1998 Rockid joined the official DMC dj-championships, a prestigious competition for turntablists, to get more experience and learn to master the art of dj-ing. The DMC championships brought fame to many national and international dj’s. Rockid turned out to be one of Holland’s most fanatical turntablists and dominated this scene until 2002. Never done before in Holland, Rockid became Dutch DMC-champion 5 times and even became a world finalist which brought him to New York, London & Paris.

Rockid returned to the club-scene in 2002 with some crazy tricks up his sleeve. He brought his experience from the championships to the dance floor and created an extraordinary style for the clubs. Rockid describes his style as a fusion of musical styles that all come together because of their funky and groovy feel, thus Fusion Funk. His diverse collection of records that include Hiphop, Latin, House, Classics, Rare grooves, Electro and R&B are being mixed fluently and varied with some turntablism tricks here and there. A musical style he emphasizes by using a lot of his own remixes when spinning, the so-called RockidExclusives. This style brought him to big festivals Dutch festivals like Mysteryland, Dancevalley, Amsterdam Dance Event and The Fast Forward Danceparade and to the USA to play at the yearly Detroit Electronic music festival besides dj’s like Derick May, Dimitri, Dave clark and Benny Rodrigues.

To this date Rockid has an extensive gig list through playing almost every club in Holland and also doing his thing abroad. Since 2005 Rockid has residencies in all three big cities of Holland, so he rocks Amsterdam (Melkweg), Rotterdam (Maassilo) and The Hague ('t Paard) on a monthly basis. With organizing his own party All Out! In 2005 Rockid was “going back to his roots” you can say. All Out! is being held in his hometown Delft where he rocks the spot with different kinds of entertainers; dj’s, mc’s, dancers & live-acts.
Be on the look out for this crazy Korean because you never know what he is about to do next!

1998 - Dutch DMC Champion
1999 - Dutch Team DMC Champion
2000 - Dutch DMC Champion & World Finalist
2001 - Dutch DMC Champion & World Finalist
2002 - Dutch DMC Champion & World Finalist
2002 - Turntablized CHAMP

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