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Biografie Armand van Helden

Who is Armand Van Helden? To some he is a Superstar: Fatboy Slim’s chart topping DJ sparring partner and one of the most recognizable dance music protagonists in the world. To others he is the Witch Doctor, the studio alchemist who can take any (Ace Of) base chart pap and turn it into purest dancefloor gold, or the Sample Slaya, the bad boy of house music, a ghetto fabulous ruffneck flipside to cheeky European upstarts like Basement Jaxx and Daft Punk. Of course, he is all of these and more besides.

In 1999 Armand Van Helden went ballistic. After years of remixes and underground DJ tunes, suddenly he was the micro-bearded wonder behind the mutant disco anthems "U Don’t Know Me" (UK No.1) and "Flowerz" (UK Top20).
The New York homeboy responsible for the Ibiza-quaking anthem "The Boogie Monster." His critically hailed album "2Future4U" was swiftly followed by his boxing ring soundclashes (as the Manhattan Mauler) with Fatboy Slim. Before then he’d been a hero to househeads the world over. After that, everybody knew who Armand Van Helden was. When he played Ibiza’s coolest club Space, it was sold out with Armand worshiping clubbers, shouting for his hits. It was the respect the Bostonian B-boy had waited for all his life.

Armand’s name comes from a Dutch-Indonesian father and a French-Lebanese mother. A US Air Force baby, Armand grew up on bases around the world.
Moving back to Boston in 1988, this hip hop and house-obsessed teenager quickly fell into a bad boy lifestyle, hustling to pay for a studio engineering course and generally making a nuisance of himself.

Moving to New York, he learned a different kind of hustle: hanging out in full-on rave clubs by night, looking for DJ gigs and record deals by day. Just one of a thousand young hopeful studio bucks. This all changed with "The Witch Doktor," his 1994 single on Strictly Rhythm. Unlike most regular house records coming out of New York, "The Witch Doktor" was evil: a voodoo brew of punishing techno drums and rave sirens. It was massive with discerning DJs on both sides of the Atlantic. Rent paying remixes followed for a succession of cheesy pop acts: everyone from Jimmy Somerville to The Real McCoy and Ace Of Base was put through the Van Helden mangle. Of course, the results were always the same: a heady, hardcore mix of techno noise and house hedonism. And all the time he was putting out a stream of sample hardcore hip hop and house under a dozen aliases: Pirates of the Caribbean, Funky Shelltoes, Hardheads. Some of these deeply underground breakbeat assaults even found their way into the Heavenly Social-bound record boxes of The Chemical Brothers, making Armand an unwitting midwife at the birth of big beat.

In 1996, his unforgettable mix of Tori Amos’ "Professional Widow" went to Number one in the UK and his net worth went through the roof. His influential sub-bass heavy mixes of CJ Bolland’s "Sugar Is Sweeter" and The Sneaker Pimps’ "Spin Spin Sugar" put him at the genesis of UK garage. Never one to play by the rules, his debut artist album for FFrr/London was a hip-hop heavy mash up of rap, funk and reggae samples.

Now with a third shockingly brilliant new album, it’s time for house music’s pretenders to take cover and to face the future. "Killing Puritans" is the house album of the new millennium. Every year house music throws up one classic LP, one record that spins the world on it’s head, sets new standards and makes the competition shake their heads in disbelief. It’s set to be
everything Basement Jaxx’s "Remedy" was for 1999, and Daft Punk’s "Homework" was for 1997. Quite simply, the bomb.

The album’s theme is in the title: Armand is tooling up to kill off
puritans, both musical and political.
Fighting back not only against the straitjackets of corporate house music but also the straitlaced killjoy policies of New York’s Mayor Guiliani. The hooks and melodies that made last year’s "2Future4U" so special are still there, but so is a volatile new anger and an utter disregard for fear and convention that borders on the punk.

If last year belonged to disco samples, then this year Armand has dug even deeper in the crates, unearthing early house, hip hop, 80’s synth pop and yes, even heavy metal for his source material.
Applying hip-hop’s rapping and scratching to house music, he has come up with his own radical new hybrids. "Little Black Spiders" has Armand mashing Euro head-bangers The Scorpions into the most danceable heavy metal record ever. "Full Moon" subpoenas white-hot NY rapper Common to lay down some rhymes over a classy boogie groove that harks back to early Jungle Brothers. "Flyaway Love" is the track for the DJs: pumping dark house, made with Space in mind and perfect for those Ibiza sunrises. "Hybridz" even finds Armand picking up the mic himself to trade rhymes with his Mongoloids mate Junior Sanchez over a rhythm that’s pure New York Sound Factory 1988. Best of all is the first single "Koochy" – perfect pop and headfuck house rolled into one, this is the essence at the heart of the album. Armand rapping over clicking electro, scratching and an
eardrum-hammering sample lifted from Gary Numan’s electro pop classic "Cars." Every track as distinctive as the next.

Prepare yourself. Van Helden is back Armand and Dangerous.

Armand van Helden
Artist Title Label
Armand Van Helden Killing Puritans Armed Records/FFRR/SPG (2000)
Armand Van Helden 2Future4U Armed Records/FFRR/SPG (1999)
Armand Van Helden's Sampleslaya Enter The Meatmarket
Ruffhouse/Sony/FFRR (1998)
Artist Title Label
Armand & The Banana Spliffs Watch It Now Star Cutting Records
Armand & The Banana Spliffs Crusty The Caveman Cutting Records
Armand & The Banana Spliffs Zonk Zone Cutting Records
Armand Van Helden Witch Doktor Strictly Rhythm
Armand Van Helden Nrongo Ra Mrongo Strictly Rhythm
Armand Van Helden I Feel It Strictly Rhythm
Armand Van Helden Donkey Strictly Rhythm
Armand Van Helden Break Da 80's Strictly Rhythm
Armand Van Helden Zulu Strictly Rhythm
Armand Van Helden Jungle Juice Nervous Rec.
Armand Van Helden Cha-Cha (Version 1&2) AV8 Records
Armand Van Helden Futuristic Cipher Relief Records
Armand Van Helden Junglist Steelos Relief Records
Banji Boys Love Thing Strictly Rhythm
Buddha Baboons Hey Yah Hey AV8 Records
Buddha Baboons Word Up Doc AV8 Records
Buddha Baboons Say Uptown AV8 Records
Buddha Baboons Hot Butter AV8 Records
Circle Children Indonesia Strictly Rhythm
Circle Children Mamba Mama Strictly Rhythm
Chupa Cabra Aw Yeah Strictly Rhythm
Deep Creed Can U Feel It Sorted/Nervous
Deep Creed Warrior Dance Sorted/Nervous
Funky Shell Toes I Can't Wait AV8 Records
Funky Shell Toes Stick Em AV8 Records
Funky Shell Toes Say Yeah AV8 Records
Funky Shell Toes A Deep Hip-Hop Kinda Love AV8 Records
Hardhead Demon Dreams Strictly Rhythm
Hardhead New York Express Strictly Rhythm
Hardhead Only The Strong Survive Strictly Rhythm
Hardhead Toothbrush Country Strictly Rhythm
Mole People Break Night/Ocean Strictly Rhythm
Mongoloids Spark Da Meth Strictly Rhythm
presents Old School Junkies Allright Henry Street
presents Old School Junkies Hey Baby Henry Street
presents Old School Junkies Work Me (Godamit) Henry Street
presents Old School Junkies Funk Phenomenon Henry Street
presents Old School Junkies Mecca Toast Henry Street
Pirates of the Caribbean You Won't Get Away AV8 Records
Pirates of the Caribbean Spin The Bottle AV8 Records
Pirates of the Caribbean I'm Searchin' AV8 Records
Pirates of the Caribbean Te-Quiero AV8 Records
Pirates of the Caribbean Hurts A Little AV8 Records
Pirates of the Caribbean Cha-Cha (1&2) AV8 Records
Pirates of the Caribbean Puerto Rico Strictly Rhythm
Pirates of the Caribbean Rumba Strictly Rhythm
Pirates of the Caribbean Tu No Sabe Strictly Rhythm
Subspecies From The East Strictly Rhythm
Sultans of Swing Dance Together Strictly Rhythm
Sultans of Swing Move It To The Left Strictly Rhythm
Wizard of Wax Open Up Your Mind Cutting Records
Wizard of Wax Gonna Set You Free Cutting Records
Wizard of Wax Fantasy Cutting Records


Artist Title Label

Roger Sanchez feat. Armand You Can't Change Me Defected/Sony
Van Helden & N'Dea Davenport
Armand Van Helden & DJ Sneak Psychic Bounty Killaz Relief Records


Artist Title Label

Tori Amos Professional Widow Atlantic US
Skunk Anansie Secretly Virgin
WAR Slipping Into Darkness BMG Intl
Rolling Stones Anybody Seen My Baby Virgin
Puff Daddy Been Around The World Arista
Puff Daddy It1s All About The Benjamins Arista
Janet Jackson Got Til It’s Gone Virgin
Gat Decor Breakfast In The Head Big Life (UK)
M.A.W. Nuyorican Soul Talkin1 Loud
Daft Punk Da Funk Virgin
2 In A Room Carnival Cutting Records
2 Unlimited Jump For Joy Byte (Belgium)
3D Georgy Porgy Tri Star/Sony Ace of Base Living in Danger Arista US/UK
Ace of Base Lucky Love Arista US
Bananarama Every Shade of Blue Mission Control
Blondie Atomic EMI US
B-Tribe Nadie Entiende Atlantic US
Capella Move on Baby FFRR London
Chazz A Mover La Colita Arista UK
CJ Bolland Sugar Is Sweeter FFRR/London
Deep Forest Martha's Song Epic US
Tanja Dantzler In and Out of My Life Critique US
Doubleplusgood Sire Records
Ghost Town DJs My Boo So So Def
Henry Street All-Stars Magic Henry Street US
Jpac Rock and Roll EastWest UK
Jimmy Somerville Heartbeat FFRR/London
Lightning Seeds Lucky Trauma US
MPeople Open Your Heart Deconstruction/Epic US
New Order Bizarre Love Triangle FFRR/London UK
Phoenix Stand Up WarnerBrothers Real McCoy Automatic Lover Arista US/UK
Real McCoy Another Night (Versions 1&2) Arista US/UK
Real McCoy Run Away Arista US/UK
Real 2 Reel Conway Strictly Rhythm
Real 2 Reel Hands in the Air Strictly Rhythm
Rednex Cotton Eye Joe Jive US/UK
Sagat Love Stuff Maxi US
Sarah Parker My Love Is Deep Vestry US
Skeeta Ranx I Like Weeded/Nervous US
Sunscreem When Sony UK
Syrinx Concerto D. Aranjuez Elektra Classics Barbara Tucker I Get Lifted Strictly Rhythm
Barbara Tucker Stay Together Strictly Rhythm Urban Cookie Collective The Key, The Secret Pulse 8 UK
Geoffrey Williams My Sex Life Hands On UK/Hit & Run
Vanessa Williams The Way You Make Me Feel Mercury US
Yaki Da I Saw You Dancing London UK/US
Yankee B. Godheart Dig It US/Italy
Don Yute Sexiest So So Def

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